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I’ve seen lots of houses for sale on TradeMe, with lots of photos attached to the ad showing totally empty houses, in reasonably good average condition, “ready for sale” just like that.

The question is, why are those houses for so long on the market – I’ve seen 3-5 000 viewers and the house still hasn’t been sold.

Those houses are not too expensive, some not too old – some over 70 years -, but why aren’t they desirable for buyers?

I’ve investigated the problem – e.g. I went to an “open home” to see a house – and I saw a totally different scene: the house was full of clutter, it was dirty, and poorly decorated, with little furniture.

The house was occupied by Tenant/s and they didn’t look after the property like the Vendor would.

In advertisements, Vendors don’t often mention this fact, or just add “This property can make $240.00 income per week”.

I’ve had a client, who tried to sell their house desperately for many years – unsuccessfully. They asked me what to do and chose not to take my advice – the property is still on market, after over ten thousand viewers and 4 and a half years.

So what should you do if you want to sell your house fast?

When someone makes the big decision: “We want to sell our house” – a long, sometimes difficult journey starts.

The Vendor has to think clearly: do they have a long time to wait for a potential Buyer, or need a fast, painless deal?

I have bad news to Vendors: if you have a Tenant on your property, don’t expect a very quick and easy sale, because the Vendor’s and the Tenant’s concerns are totally the opposite- the Vendor needs to sell their property as soon as possible and most often the Tenant wants to stay as long as they can!

That is one of the hardest points in the selling process to me – to convince the Vendor to break the contract with the Tenant because the Vendor will lose some weekly income until the house is sold.

Of course, here we have 2 ways again: if the Vendor has a good relationship with the Tenant, they can arrange this thing, no problem. The Vendor can tell the Tenant, he can stay in the house in lawful time and Vendor can give a good reference to the Tenant.

If their relationship is not so good, the Vendor can do that just by legal contract, give the Tenant a 2 or 3 weeks’ notice and a fair reference.

After the Tenant left the property, the Vendor can improve the place e.g. with clean ups, repairing fittings, maybe changing curtains, carpets. (See more tips here.)

The exterior space needs an attention too, try rearranging the landscape and clean up, replace the broken glass in the glasshouse, paint the fence as well.

IMPORTANT: a nicely decorated, uncluttered, depersonalized clean house (or an empty house) is much more desirable than a cluttered, dirty, busy, dated house!

Messy house with tenant for sale?

How to advertise the house/property?

If you use TradeMe, you can upload up to 20 pics to your advertisement.

Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity and upload the maximum number of quality images to attract as many potential buyers as possible.

(If you are working with a real estate agent, ask him to upload 20 pics on TradeMe! He HAS to do that because don’t forget it: every real estate agent should be working for Vendors – not to Buyers!)

But never upload any photo showing a messy room!

The biggest mistake of Vendors is not mentioning the Tenant in the ad and upload photos that show an empty house for sale to TradeMe or in the newspaper because that information is misleading the potential Buyer.

The home stager-interior designer’s situation is not easy. We have to convince the Vendor: if he wants to sell his property very quickly for good money, he has to provide a very desirable, very well presented home which is available almost immediately. (The Buyer doesn’t want to wait too long for his money).

Many of the Vendors don’t want to break up the Tenancy Contract because they love the income every week, but selling a house is much more important and a bigger deal than a few-hundred-dollar-income for a few weeks.

House for sale - dining room staged