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Home staging

Do you want to sell your house faster and for more money?

Do you want buyers to choose your property over that of the competition?

Home staging before selling your house

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Home Staging is the art of selling: with conscious planning we make your property more appealing to potential buyers by transforming it into an attractive product which sells faster and for more money.

A staged house is warm and welcoming but free of disturbing personal items which belong to the sellers. Staging makes visitors focus on the advantages of the place.

If the house is empty, potential buyers usually look at the problems: the cracks in the walls and other flaws. A home stager knows the secret of making even an empty house inviting and help the buyers envision themselves living in it. People buy on an emotional basis, first impressions matter the most, and if somebody falls in love with the place right at the beginning, you can be sure they’re going to buy the property.

Home staging also helps you take appealing photos. These are very important as today people check advertisements on the internet and don’t bother to visit a house for sale if the images aren’t inviting enough. With home staging you can advertise your home more successfully.

You don’t know how to do home staging or don’t have time for it?

The Nest offers you unique solutions for de-cluttering, de-personalising and maintaining your home. Each home and family is different, so we provide a customised process for each of our customers.

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