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Q: What is home staging?
A: Making your house a desirable home for the possible buyer. Staging is dressing a house for sale. Read more about home staging here.

Q: Does home staging helps sell a house faster?
A: In most cases, yes, read our article on statistics.

Q: Does home staging pay off?
A: Definitely! When you improve your house with home staging, you can raise your selling price with min 8-10%. Faster selling means you do not have to pay mortgage any longer on your home. (See Statistics)

Q: Can I do home staging myself?
A: Yes, you can, if your home is relatively new, there’s not too much clutter in it and you have lots of spare time. You will still have the costs of paint, wallpaper, hand tools, etc. If you don’t want to bother with staging but still want to steal the show, a better choice would be to hire a home stager who knows how to plan and offers you a “to do list” with a time schedule as well.

Q: Do I have to pay for the home staging service immediately?
A: Please see prices here.

Q: How much do I have to pay your home staging service?
A: The cost of our home staging service depends on a lot of details. The Nest offers you 3 different service levels for different prices. Our rates are fixed, repair work, materials used and the running costs are extra expenses.

Q: What can I do if I have a tenant in my house?
A: That’s the most difficult question of the home staging process: the tenant will NEVER consider about your selling opportunity; they want to stay in your property as long as they can. A house occupied by a tenant is NEVER a good basis for selling.

At first we have to talk about your property. If you have a tenant, you’d better contact your lawyer, advocate, accountant or investment advisor prior doing any further step towards home staging.

Q: Do I have to leave my furniture in my home or is it better to empty it?
A: If you have the chance, you can still leave nice, basic furniture (it has to be in good condition) in your home to be sold. The buyer can imagine their situation in your home if they can see the arrangement.
If you totally empty your house, your best selling point is going to be the prompt availability. If you leave it empty, it’s worth to consider valuable window treatments, curtains and good lighting, too.
You can rent furniture and appliances in some areas (e.g. Invercargill, Mr Rent) for an extra cost.

Q: Does The Nest offer landscaping/gardening services?
A: Sorry, not yet.

Q: Does The Nest hire any furniture and appliances?
A: Sorry, not yet.

Q: Where can I put my unwanted items and where can I store my packed belongings?
A: When we get to start de-cluttering a house, I recommend my Clients making 3 different groups of items:
– one group with what you need in your new home,
– one group with what can go to Salvation Army or any other charity, and
– one that goes into the rubbish.

De-cluttering is the best occasion to select our household items and what you’ll pack and store somewhere – it is part of your moving act to your new home. (Sooner or later you’ll have to touch every item in your home.) Better to do so sooner, when we have time to do it.

Q: Does The Nest sell my home if I ask for it?
A: No, The Nest is NOT a real estate agency, but can help you to set up an advertisement on Trademe, take photos (to be uploaded to Trademe up to 20 photos), local newspaper, community board, when you want to sell your house on private sale. You have to contact your lawyer, advocate, accountant or investment advisor for legal action.

Q: What’s the next step if I need your home staging service?
A: Get in touch with us as soon as you can through our Contact page. We will get back to you soon to arrange our first meeting, and we will give you every detail that you need to know about home staging.