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Important – The decision is YOURS!

First step: your mental decision to sell your home

The home staging process starts with your mental decision to sell your home.

When you want to move forward to your next home, you have to make the hard, emotional step: you have to think of your house from that day as a selling project and show home rather than your family home, even if you have lived there for the past 40 years! You now have to see your home through the buyer’s eyes.

In these years you’ve made your house a warm family home according to your lifestyle, requirements, your choice of colours, patterns and furniture of your taste. But to have a chance of sale, it may need a refresh.

My job as a home stager is to bring back your property to the market as a desirable, contemporary show home, where the potential buyer can imagine themselves immediately as a home owner.

Second step: call a home stager

As you have made your strong decision to sell, call a home stager, and The Nest can draw your imagination, plan, and condition to sell your property.

The first meeting with The Nest is free – but over 50 km distance a running cost will apply.

At our first meeting I will let you know about your options, so you can choose which one you would like to work with.

Third step: choose the service most suitable for you

According to your choice you can have one of my options.

Fourth step: watch the work being done

If you agree and accept my type of service and price, I will do the rest of my work as we have agreed.


I am NOT associated with any real estate or house selling companies.
My service is UNIQUE TO YOU as a home seller.

I am NOT SELLING your house. After the home staging process you have TWO CHOICES:

1. Private sale:

You’ll put your advertisement on Trademe with up to 20 photos and text (this community website is the best seller place in New Zealand), or local newspaper, and different community boards.

Take note: more good photos bring more potential buyers.
You can organize “Open Homes” by yourself as many times as you want to.
Ask your lawyer, advocate, accountant or investment advisor about your selling act.

If I will do your home staging procedure, I will help you out as much as I can with photos, advertisements, according to our agreement.

2. Traditional sale with a real estate agency:

If you choose this metod, you’ll pay the real estate agency’s percentage +GST if any.

Real estate agencies will take photos, they will put your home on Trademe and local newspaper, and they’ll organize “Open Homes” (15 mins to 30 mins per occasion).

You still have to pay a lawyer’s fee for the purchase agreement.

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