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My name is Marta Brash, I’ve been living in New Zealand for 15 years. I was born in Budapest, Hungary. I married my kiwi husband in 2014, we live in the country, near Gore.

During secondary school I fell in love with music, arts and crafts. After finishing my studies, I met a very remarkable artist, Margit E.Szabo, who showed me the magical world of textiles, colours and beautiful patterns. We worked together a lot, but soon I found my own world with my own colours and themes.

I had 3 exhibitions in Europe, Munich (Germany), Dijon (France) and Milan (Italy) in 1985-1986. They were very successful.

I ran my own designer business in Hungary, my little studio made small tailor-made furniture pieces, accessories, wallpapers, curtains and flooring and I created Tiffany-glasswork as well.

After a bad accident I made a big decision in 2001: moved to New Zealand for good, to rejuvenate my life and fulfil my expectations.

After 14 very hard years and numerous jobs I found a new life with my husband who is my main supporter and critic.

My Hungarian daughter lives here, too. We have become New Zealand citizens and we are both proud to be “kiwis”.

I’ve got my Interior Designer Diploma here in New Zealand in 2013.

My mission is to help people, who are in a very special situation – selling their home, which is always a very serious decision.

I hope to help you too.

Marta Brash