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1 – Colour

Use warm and light colours on the walls and the ceiling in your home. Lighter shades are more attractive, they give a clean, neat look. Light colours make more space, which every buyer wants to see.

Lighter colours create a good basis for the buyer to visualize their furniture and decoration or any other household items.

2 – Maintenance

5 tips for selling your home fast

Make your home look clean, crispy fresh a with nice smell. In addition, try to complete any home improvement projects you are carrying on with for years on your property. (Dripping taps, broken boards, mouldy paint, broken tiles, unwanted smell are not welcome when you want to stage your home).

3 – De-cluttering and de-personalizing

Avoid mess when home staging

Remove any personal items, family photos, knick-knacks, clothes, shoes, etc. Empty the space under beds, clean up corners, cosmetics, pack them as you are moving soon.

These things can distract home buyers, they want to see lots of free surfaces, wide open spaces, because they want to visualize their own belongings in the house.

4 – Emotional cues

Flowers and candles - home staging

Help buyers emotionally connect to your home by decorating it with candles and flowers.

5 – Furniture placement

Home staging with minimal furniture

Place minimal furniture in your home in order to showcase large space to potential buyers.

+ 1 important tip:

Stage the outdoors too

No matter how big or small jobs need to be done inside your home, never ignore your exterior (garden, footpath, garden- and tool shed, pool, fence) and your doorstep!

First impressions are formed within milliseconds of seeing a potential target – your home!

(Photos: larkandlarks.co.uk, Aleksey Gnilenkov, freschwill, André van Rooyen)